Key Feature

Private Comment on Public Post

Private Comment

" Private comments give your social network more privacy! Privately comment on public posts and group chats!"

Invisible Connections

“An App with Invisible Connections LYK lets you create invisible connections that no one else can see!

Any activity between you and your invisible connections is only seen by you. Other users will only be able to see your activities with your visible connections."

App with invisible connections
Chat Share App

Disappearing Messages

” Share disappearing messages within your private chat! Use disappearing messages to control the privacy of your social network!”

Likeminded Connections

“Connect With People and create your network on LYK based on your mutual interests, mutual connections, your likes dislikes and other behavioral traits!”

Connect With Likeminded People
Social Network with Privacy

LYK Wallet

“LYK, theSocial Network with Privacy and rewards!

You can now earn LYK wallet points to redeem exciting rewards! Learn more about how you can earn points and redeem rewards!”

LYK Promotions

Participate in LYK Promotions and get wallet points so long as you qualify! Verified information shared through LYK Promotions will always be kept safe ensuring your privacy on your social network.”

LYK Theater

“Enjoy premium content with LYK Theater! Stream both free and pay-per-view content on the social network with privacy.”

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